Line solution: Overlock of all 4 panel sides (light and mid-heavy mattress panels)

Module 1:
Overlocks both width sides of the mattress panel. The needed width is easy adjustable by a crank.

Module 2:
A cut system cuts the mattress panel by a roundknife into the needed width (optional additional marking)

Module 3:
The cut mattress panel will be dispensed by a conveyor belt system into the Twinbar machine. After the positioning is done, the clamp system will fix the mattress panel and transports it through 2 sewing heads to overlock the lenght side of the mattress panel.

Module 4:
The overlocked panel will be stacked on a material car or pallet

Module 3 and 4 are addaptable behind multi needle quilters.
The machine operates fully automatic and stop in case of material end or thread break. Untrained operators can operate the machine within 1 hour of training as the machine is so easy to handle.


Sewing head: 4 Pegasus overlock
Border width: 600-2.200 mm
Capacity: 4-5 mattress panels/min
Power: 400V/16A/50Hz
Air: 8 Bar
CE certificate


The twinbar system is custumizable to a lot of different needs.
Contact us to find your overlock soulution!

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