Reliability since more than 30 years

The beginnings: The family enterprise Beckmann was founded in 1991.
Initial corporate activities included the development and construction of
automatic sewing machines for the clothing industry. The products were
marketed Europe-wide.


In 1993 Karl-Heinz Beckmann set the course for a specialisation in the
bedding industry. Revolutionary developments then led to a world-wide
demand and sales.


Development into a high-tech enterprise: The biggest progress in
automation was achieved during the nineties as a result of the increasing
efficiency of microelectronic components. It was now possible to automate
more complex processes. More and more subprocesses were integrated
into a system. The enterprise developed just as rapidly as the technology.
The range of machines offered was supplemented by a multitude of semiand
fully automatic systems and soon covered the entire assembly process.


Maturation into a full-range supplier: From the year 2000 onwards, the
focus of development was on computer-controlled fully automatic
machines, the efficiency of which was continuously increased. Once basic
standard machines were also included in the range, the product portfolio
covered the entire assembly process.


One thing however has not changed during the company history of 31 years: highest quality is and has always been our top priority. Thus,
now just as back then, all systems are designed for maximum reliability and
customer benefit. 

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