Zipper marking and cut machine

Beside to the high quality components, we created a highly intelligent software which makes sure that you have a effective and smooth production. Our unique correction factor calculates the stretch of the border material to always have perfect dimensions. As soon as all your needed models are saved in our touch terminal, you just have to select the model and the quantity you want to produce. This causes that operators can operate the machine within 1 hour of training.


Work with zipper from roll
Work with pre cut zippers
Capacity: 3 zipper/min
Dimension: 1.700*600mm
Power: 230V/16A/50Hz
Air: 8 Bar
CE certifikate


Dewinder system
Motorized pre dewinder to have no tension on the material input
Double marker system
Cut unit
Touch terminal
Detection material end
Mounted on a table plate
Optional melt mark system (less down times)

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