Border multi needle quilting

To attach tapes, stripes, pipings, zippers, bindings and many more. Or customizable guiding systems can be produced exactly to your needs. The folder sets are retrofittable and fast to change to keep your flexibility as great as possible. The 72 neelde sewing head is developed by Beckmann and famous for the reliability and longevity.


Sewing head: Beckmann 72 needle
Border width: 600 mm
Sewing area: 450 mm
Capacity: 3-5 m/min
Dimension: 1.100*1.900mm
Power: 230V/16A/50Hz
Air: 8 Bar
CE certificate


Dewinder for 4 raw materials
Detection material end
Thread break detector for 10 sewing seams
Finger safety
Display of error messages
One set of folders included
Optional additional folder sets
Optional round knife system
Optional additional dewinder

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