Semi-automatic handle setting on cover or border

The operator just have to put the cover or border material manual to the needed position and start the automatic cycle.
The endless handle tape will be cut into the needed lenght, folded in the folding station and dispensed below the sewing clamps. The PROFI folding station make sure that the handle edges are not visible on the final attached handle to have a perfect optical result.


Sewing head: 2 Juki LK 1920
Distance cover/border edge up to middle of handle: 135 mm
Handle width: 30-60 mm
Handle length: 260 mm
Capacity: 3-4 handles/min
Dimension: 1.700*1.000 mm
Power: 230V/16A/50Hz
Air: 8 Bar
CE certificate


Handle tape dewinder
PROFI folding Station
Handle dispenser
Fix system for dispensed handle
Fix system for cover / border material
Start program cycle by double switch
Thread break detector

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