Zipper joining for washable mattress covers

The operator have unlimited operation space as we modify the Dürkopp 867 sewing head. We highly recommend this version for heavy mattress panels as it is a big advantage. Our special zipper guiding system guide the zipper up to the needle position and makes it possible to attach the zipper on both cover sides at the same time.
Our "third hand" puller system support the material movement with an even tension to get an high quality result. The table hight is adjustable, to work as ergonomic as possible.


Sewing head: Dürkopp 867 sewing head
Needle distance: 50 mm
Capacity: 80-120 cover/shift (8h)
Dimension: 5.500*3.800mm
Power: 230V/16A/50Hz
Air: 8 Bar
CE certificate


Puller system "third hand" for even tension
Zipper guiding system
Zipper break (adjustable)
Knee switch to start automatic sewing
Adjustable tabel height
Ergonomic pedal
Optional piping guide
Optional binding guide
Optional with Longarm sewing head for lighter materials

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